What others say:

"When you first meet Emma, you can feel a difference in her energy that feels soft and familiar. After working with her for a while, you become quickly aware how grounded and connected she is to herself and energy around her. She has a clarity and confidence around her gifts that is hard to find in many coaches. If you are looking for someone who will lovingly move you towards your own intuition and joy, I believe Emma will be able to support you."

Christina Smith, PA

"Emma is a warm and loving person who really cares about helping people. We all have potential to have a more fulfilling life and Emma has a great gift and the ability to help open up your mind to the endless possibilities in life."

Eva Tokarczyk, New York City, NY

“Wow, thank you so much! Your reading was spot on! This all rings true Emma, you’re amazing!"

SE, Stockholm, Sweden


“Thank you so, so much for my session...thank you with all my heart and soul Emma...
Your advice means the world to me!!! I would gladly recommend you to everyone I know, and more, you are amazing! THANK YOU!!!”

LS, London, United Kingdom


“Thank you so much for all your help. Your guidance made me cry, everything really resonates with me. This was just what I needed to hear to move forward with my life, I am so very grateful for these insights and the reassurance!”

EA, San Francisco, United States


Thank you so much for my session today. I have tears in my eyes when I write this. What you shared is exactly what is going on in my life right now, you are spot on!!! This was just what I needed to hear right now - thank you, Emma!

TE, Los Angeles, United States


“Thanks so much for my session, Emma! Your guidance is truly insightful. I have goosebumps all over when reading your advice, you got everything spot on!”

EN, Sydney, Australia


"I asked Emma for an angel reading when I had concerns and fear about a business I wanted to launch. I knew in my heart what I wanted to do, but I was looking for reinforcement from the angels. When I first read Emma's reading it gave me goosebumps, because it resonated so much with my soul. I followed the angels' suggestions, and whenever I have doubts and uncertainties, I read Emma's notes again and again, and each time I find a new bit of advice to follow. I am about to launch my business now, and I am sure that with the guidance of the angels I will be able to manage through every obstacle. And when I get to another crossroad again - I will ask Emma to have another session with me."

DSL, New York, United States


"Thank you so much, your reading truly connected with me. You have amazing gifts."

A.M. Sydney, Australia


"I am so thankful we connected. Many blessings and all the best with your readings - they are AWESOME!"

KG Ontario, Canada


"My reading is really shining with authenticity and light. I absolutely adore your posts as well, keep them coming."

ST, London, United Kingdom


"I am so thankful to have you in my life! Thank you so much for my reading, for your help through your words and your kindness. It is such a great gift and help for me and means so much. You are a wonderful person!"

LN, Bern, Switzerland


"Thank you so much for my reading! You are an angel!"

ML, Lucerne, Switzerland


"I can only encourage you to do this for as many as possible. For hundreds and thousands of other people. This is what I feel when I read your words. I am absolutely sure that people need and want and look for this kind of help. For exactly this kind of help. Thank you again."

RI, Zurich, Switzerland


"Thank you Emma! You are so gifted with sensitivity and knowledge. I loved my reading."

EM, Stockholm, Sweden


"Wow, Emma. You are amazing! I am so grateful for what you shared."

ML, Uppsala, Sweden


"Thank you soooo much!!! You are so kind and beautiful! Thank you so much for your comforting words. They mean a lot to me!"

EL, New York, United States


"Very insightful! You are fantastic! It is amazing everything you know! Thank you."

RN, San Diego, United States


"I wish I would have had such advice when I was young. And still today as I am old ;-)"

EI, New Jersey, United States


"You are such an encouraging person and it is a gift to know you."

RE, New York, United States


"Oh Emma. Thank you for my reading. It made me cry. You really touched my heart."

NM, Brisbane, Australia


"Thank you!!! This is the most precious thing. Thank you so much for the connection you made. I am so thankful to hear from xxxx through you. Thank you for sharing this with me and for doing this work."

LM, Sydney, Australia


"I am so thankful to have met you, you are so beautiful. Thank you for your help."

DE, London, United Kingdom


"Thank you Emma, you are very gifted. That was perfect."

KB, Zurich, Switzerland


"What you are doing is wonderful. I truly believe you help so many people with your offerings. I have been following your advice daily and you have lifted my spirits already."

RE, Bern, Switzerland


"All the best with your work and thank you for sharing the great gifts you have with all."

LT, Lucerne, Switzerland


"You have the most beautiful healing energy. I'm so glad that you're now formally sharing this with the universe."

CN, Basel, Switzerland


"Emma is a warm and inspiring person who shows how to open up and listen for answers from the universe. I like to be reminded that I can ask for and get help. I always enjoy reading what she writes on her site."

ML Stockholm Sweden


"Thank you Emma for a beautiful reading!  It really made my day, I really loved it!"

CQ, California, USA

"Emma Lundwall is just the perfect coach: inspiring but never invasive, open-minded, respectful and intuitive, gifted with that gentle, positive kind of mental energy,  which is necessary to put our thoughts and actions on the right track. She is a strong, empowered woman, able to reinvent herself but remaining  always faithful to her inner beliefs."

Mariagrazia Trotta, Writer, Italy/Switzerland


"Emma is an eye-opening, empathic and empowering coach, mentor, speaker and writer. She is an expert at self-love and self-acceptance, helping people discover and explore their life purpose. She mixes excellent skills and experience with warm enthusiasm in her work. There is only one Emma Lundwall, and I truly recommend her competence."

Linda Sannesmoen, Lifestyle Influencer (@lindalike), New York City, NY



"When I met Emma I was immediately drawn to her angelic energy. Emma is a gorgeous person not just because of the presence of love in her voice but,  also because of  her wise assessment of my life’s path. She is not only gifted but she has an  incredible presence and power, and love what she does. Emma’s reading gave me a thorough understanding of my circumstances and I’m happy to say that everything she spoke of has come to pass or is currently unfolding. Emma has been there with inspirational advice through all of my ups and downs and has brought an immense sense of comfort and relief to my life, my path and my destiny. I cannot thank her enough and I am so grateful to have her in my life and to know her. She is definitely magical person."

Lilly Zuercher, Zurich, Switzerland.


"Emma Lundwall is one of the most loving, supportive and optimistic women I have ever encountered! She consistently uses her heart felt intelligence to assist anyone seeking her guidance and is truly fun to be around. 

(What I probably admire most about Emma is the way she pours her caring energy into her beautiful family. This is certainly reflected back to her in the myriad of ways her family demonstrate the great love they feel for her.  The little dog she rescued, Harry, is also a reflection of her caring spirit and wise heart.) If you seek guidance from a pure heart, Emma Lundwall is the empowerment coach for you.

She is also a dynamic public speaker and gifted writer. I trust her implicitly and feel blessed to have her in my life. I recommend her services with my whole heart and soul."

Elaine Springer


"I met Emma at a party several years ago. It was one of those rare encounters where you meet someone who you have felt you have known for years. I could have talked with her for days but the next day she was heading home to Switzerland. And yet, even after one evening, we connected on Facebook and began communicating frequently. 

To me Emma is someone I look up to and admire. She has a very clear sense of who she is and what she wants. In addition to that, she supports and encourages those around her. She is someone I feel safe to share anything with. Anyone who has the chance to get to know Emma is blessed."

Christine, Interior Designer, New York City, NY

"Emma is a wonderful, inspiring lady who seems to see the best in all. Emma has a very positive and uplifting personality which is clearly infectious to all. I admire her enthusiastic generous spirit and inspiring messages conveyed through social media. Emma seems to have a natural talent to connect with people from all walks of life."

Feh Chaudhry, Music Manager, Zurich/London

"Emma has an innate ability to make you feel loved, listened to, and seen immediately. I immediately felt like family within the first hour of speaking with her. It's her gentle presence, her openness, and her loving kindness to herself and to others that will make you feel accepted and loved unconditionally. She has the natural power to channel the Divine that helped me better understand my unique path and the journey that I am co-creating with the Divine."

-Parisa, Singer/Songwriter, New York City, NY

"I am forever grateful to Emma for guiding me from a place of darkness and confusion to a place of light and love. Whether face to face or over the internet, her special light and energy can be felt instantly. She is a very special soul who inspires her clients with deep wisdom, inner beauty and a unique intuitive gift." 

-Sylvia Day, Life Coach/Actress & Writer, Zurich, Switzerland

"I met Emma and I was immediately fascinated by her aura! She has a special way of listening to people, donating a smile, helpful words and compassion. Emma can easily connect with your earth and her presence as well as her actions will help you in connecting more to the world and others. She is surrounded by amazing and inspiring people. Our lives met and although our interaction wasn’t so continuative, she still had a huge impact in my life because she was a catalyzer of consequent amazing events! Actually I never told her all this so this is a unique opportunity to make her aware of this and say thank you!

-Dr Antonella Santuccione Chadha, MD, Zurich , Switzerland