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Intuitive Guidance Session via email

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What is an Intuitive Guidance email reading? Here is what to expect when you book in for an email session with me...

An intuitive guidance session is quite different from a regular psychic reading. I offer intuitive coaching, a form of spiritual counselling where I share the messages and guidance I receive from your angels and guides, I don't predict your future or cast spells...

Your higher self always see the bigger picture and help us understand and make decisions based on the information you receive. You will never be told which decision to make but you will instead be gently directed and lovingly guided to the outcome that is for your highest good.

Often times spiritual healing work is also part of a session, I might feel guided to do some chakra balancing, psychic cord cutting or ‘vacuuming’ to release negative energy, all to suit your individual needs. These methods are as effective remotely as they are in person, there is no difference as we’re working with energy. These healing methods, coupled with the intuitive guidance and messages from your angels and guides, is all part of the therapy I offer in an email session.

Deceased loved ones might also occasionally come through and I will often get information about past lives that are related to your current situation, although mediumship is not my main focus. I will also share who’s with you and let you know which angels, guides and ascended masters I can see around you.

I always let your higher self guide the session and trust that whatever comes up is meant to be shared and I don’t hold any information back. Please be assured everything is presented in a safe, loving and positive manner so no need to be afraid of bad news.

The angels are always very practical and solutions oriented, that’s one of the reasons I enjoy working with them so much. My goal with the session is that you will leave feeling uplifted, empowered and equipped with spiritual tools to keep working with your angelic team to make positive changes in your life.

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What clients say about my readings:


"My reading is really shining with authenticity and light. I absolutely adore your posts as well, keep them coming."

ST, London, United Kingdom


"I am so thankful to have you in my life! Thank you so much for my reading, for your help through your words and your kindness. It is such a great gift and help for me and means so much. You are a wonderful person!"

LN, Bern, Switzerland


"Thank you so much for my reading! You are an angel!"

ML, Lucerne, Switzerland

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