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Intuitive Empowerment - 1:1 Coaching Program

Self-Care for Stressed-Out Moms

How to Take Your Life Back, Master Your To-Do-List, Overcome Overwhelm and Find Lasting Peace, Happiness and Meaning in Your Life

I can relate to your struggle in trying to be everything to all people, all the time. And constantly worrying about what other people think and obsessing about keeping everyone around you happy. You want to be the perfect partner, mom, friend, sister, daughter, have the perfect career, home, body, social life etc. but realize you’ve lost yourself in the process when always putting everyone else’s needs before your own. I’m here to remind you to put your own oxygen masks on first, before helping others… I can see you are struggling with everyday stress, anxiety, worry, overwhelm, even depression, lack of meaning and purpose in life. You might have a loft in Tribeca, a summer house in the Hamptons and vacations in Europe but you still don’t feel happy or fulfilled.

You have it all and “should” be happy but feel empty inside, and look for happiness in a new handbag, the latest GOOP product hype, destructive romantic relationships or in one too many cocktails…

What results will my program help you to achieve?

I will help you be a happier, more fulfilled mom and partner, overcome procrastination, master your to-do-list, bust through any blocks and get unstuck in life. You will receive practical tools to reduce stress, overwhelm, feelings of guilt and anxiety so you can finally let go of your worry habit and create the life you dream of. You will learn to love and accept yourself unconditionally, care less about what other people think, and know that you do deserve to feel happy and fulfilled. You will discover your true passion and purpose in life, why you were born. I will help you find lasting happiness, peace and meaning by connecting you to your own inner light so you can let go of any fear or limitations that are holding you back and instead move forward with ease and joy.

How do we achieve this?

image2The service I offer is exactly what I was looking for just a few years ago. I have been there, I understand you deeply and I know exactly what you are going through. I can show you that you are not alone, and that it is possible to thrive again. With highly practical, actionable tips and deep messages packaged in easy-to-access, light-hearted form - with a twist of humor - I can meet you where you are in life.

My approach to helping and healing is eclectic and creative, full of fun artistic expression, passion and soul. While informed by many years of study, a university degree in Behavioral Sciences, additional studies in psychology, Mindfulness and CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), being a certified life coach and many years of studying and practicing the healing arts, I also draw heavily on my own personal life experiences as well as my intuitive gifts.

During our time together you will learn how to get in touch with your intuition and I will teach you how to clearly hear your inner guidance and show you how to act on that knowledge. You will get the secret keys to manifesting and learn to master the art of affirmations and visualization.

We will discover your unique life purpose and we will use effective techniques like vision boards and ‘perfect lists’ to achieve your goals and dreams. Self-healing is a big part of our journey together and we will do deep forgiveness work, explore self-love and deservingness issues and find practical tools for increased self-care to empower you to take the driver’s seat in your own life again.

We cover wellness and nutrition aspects as well as exercise, meditation and mindfulness practices for a more balanced life. I will also share powerful and effective spiritual techniques to help you in your day-to-day life. All this will be guided by my intuitive abilities to channel exactly what you need at this point in your life.

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What are the features of this coaching program?

Detailed questionnaire – First, you fill out a detailed intake questionnaire so I can understand your full story, background, and goals for your life. (My additional time investment: 2 hours for prep. time and review)

(1) 2-hour intensive – During this intensive, we’ll do a “Wellness Map,” where we look at all areas of your life that are affecting your wellbeing. You’ll walk away with a “Wellness plan” that takes into account your lifestyle, career, and relationships. (My additional time investment: 2 hour prep. time and 2 hour “Wellness Map” creation)

(2) 1-hour coaching calls per month – We’ll use these calls to dive deeper into your progress and to “course-correct” your “Wellness plan” as needed. (My additional time investment: 1 hour prep. time for each call and 1 hour for follow up planning)

Individualized homework between sessions – This will be tailored to your individual needs. Example homework assignments include: journaling, meditation, exercise, diet changes or similar. (My additional time investment: 1 hour per week to prep. and review homework assignments)

Unlimited email access between coaching calls. (My additional time investment: approx. 1 hour per week)

What is the pay-in-full option for this program?


Minimum total time I invest in YOU during our coaching program:
40 hours (My current hourly rate is $150 so that means total value for my time investment in this program is over $6000!)

Your Investment:

This is an unique, one-time opportunity for you to receive a one-of-a-kind 1:1 coaching with me. Contact us for booking and pricing details.

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{condensed private coaching from 9 am-4 pm, with an one hour lunch break}

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What my clients say:

"I can only encourage you to do this for as many as possible. For hundreds and thousands of other people. This is what I feel when I read your words. I am absolutely sure that people need and want and look for this kind of help. For exactly this kind of help. Thank you again."

RI, Zurich, Switzerland

"Very insightful! You are fantastic! It is amazing everything you know! Thank you."

RN, San Diego, United States

"You are such an encouraging person and it is a gift to know you."

RE, New York, United States

"What you are doing is wonderful. I truly believe you help so many people with your offerings. I have been following your advice daily and you have lifted my spirits already."

RE, Bern, Switzerland

"You have the most beautiful healing energy. I'm so glad that you're now formally sharing this with the universe."

CN, Basel, Switzerland