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I'm here to help you connect to your inner wisdom and the guidance around you…

I teach workshops and classes on various self-help and spiritual topics, ranging from Mindfulness, Meditation and Manifesting to Practical Intuition, Self-Love and Life Purpose. I offer private sessions, give talks and I am currently developing an in-depth coaching program. I will be offering more events both online and in the NYC area so keep an eye out here in the coming weeks and months...

My Services:

Intuitive Coaching


I'm now offering one-to-one personal coaching in a full programs that will guide you back to your intuition and your knowing while finding renewed passion and purpose in life.

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Intuitive Guidance

image5An intuitive guidance session is quite different compared to a regular psychic reading. I offer Intuitive Coaching, a form of Spiritual Counseling where I share the messages and guidance I receive from your angels and guides.

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Speaking & Workshops

image8I love speaking and teaching workshops about topics I am passionate about, both for intimate small groups and at larger events. I speak on a range of topics and can customize my talks to your specific needs.

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image3I write blog posts and articles on a wide range of topics, including health and well-being, spiritual development and meditation.

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