Protecting yourself from negative energy


I wanted to talk about energetic shielding today, and share some tips on psychic protection. As a sensitive being you will often unknowingly absorb energies from those around you and often times it is hard to determine what is yours and what you’ve actually picked up from others. A good way to protect yourself and keep your own energy “clean” is to shield yourself in a bubble of white light daily.

Make it a habit to every morning ask the angels to surround you in a beautiful, egg-shaped cocoon of white light. This light will shield you from any harsh energies you may encounter throughout your day and it will keep you protected from psychic attack. Archangel Michael is the angel of courage and protection and he is a wonderful angel to call upon whenever you feel an extra need for support or to clear away any negativity. It doesn’t matter if you believe in angels or not, it still works.

If you find yourself surrounded by negative people, try to look past the drama and maintain a sense of peace. Ask for help with maintaining a positive outlook and you will be a loving example and role model to those around you.

I want to hear from you! How do you stay protected from harsh energy?

“A good way to protect yourself psychically and keep your own energy “clean” is to shield yourself in a bubble of white light daily.”

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